How to Align the Sensor for a Garage Door

People may say the most important part of the garage is the door itself, because it is the entrance to a large functional space that allows for extra items to be stored in your home. Others may say the garage door opener is the most important part because it allows for the door to open and close easily without you having to lift the heavy door on your own. One of the most important features of your garage door is the safety sensor that protects your family, friends, pets and yourself from the door coming down on top of you. The problem is that these sensors are one of the smaller components of a garage door system and where it is placed leaves it subjective to damage because it is so low to the ground. The important thing is keeping your garage door sensors aligned, whether they have been knocked out of place or you are installing new ones. This article will help you align your safety sensors to keep anyone and anything around your garage door safe from harm.

  1. Cutting the Power
    As with any work going on underneath the garage door, make sure the door is fully lifted up and then cut the power to the garage area. This will prevent your garage door from closing while the safety sensors are not aligned, which would harm you if you were to find yourself under the door at that moment.
  2. Loosening the Sensors
    Once the power is cut, loosen the screws on each of the safety sensors. You do not have to take the screws off all the way, but just enough to where the mounting brackets can move freely. You can test this by simply pulling up and pushing down on the safety sensor mounting brackets. NOTE: The brackets will not move on their own if you just loosen the screws, thus testing it is the best option for knowing if you have loosened the screw enough.
  3. Sliding and Tying
    Once the screws have been properly loosened, push the safety sensors down as far as they can go without moving the mounting brackets. Once you push both down, tie a piece of string to one of the sensors. You can do this by wrapping it once around the sensor and making sure the string is tied to the center. Once this is done, run the string across the garage and tie it in the same place to the other sensor.
  4. Checking the Levels
    Now you have the sensors pushed down as far as they go, with a piece of string tied between the two. This is when you will take your level and place it on top of the string. Make sure you have indeed tied the string in the same place between the two safety sensors. If it is not level then only adjust one side of the string by moving it up or down the sensor as needed to find the center.
  5. Finishing Up
    Once you have the string completely level, it is time to finish up and tighten the sensors back down. Go to each safety sensors and re-tighten the screws to secure them on the mounting bracket. Once they are secured, put the level back on the string again. This is to make sure that when securing the safety sensors, you didn’t knock them out of alignment, which is quite easy to do. If you find them to be uneven, then simply unscrew the screws and realign again. If you find it is still level you can remove the string after the sensors are secured. Lastly, return the power to the garage and safely test the sensors by running the garage door to see if everything is back to normal.

Aligning your sensors is a simple task that is very important to making sure your garage door is working properly. This ensures that so no one will get hurt and no property becomes damaged. Of course, since the sensors are small, plastic, and at foot level, they can be easily damaged. so keeping an eye on them is important. A great way to know that you always have working safety sensors is to have a professional garage door technician inspect your door regularly. The technician will inspect every component and can guarantee quality garage door repairs with professional equipment and tools.

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