Commercial Garage Doors vs. Residential Garage Doors

Although you've most likely had experience with a residential garage door, have you ever wondered how the garage doors of surrounding businesses are different? In many ways, commercial and residential doors are very similar. They both need to have the basic functions of opening and closing, and they both serve the purpose of protecting both vehicles and important possessions. That being said, commercial garage doors are designed and used with more of an emphasis on being both highly efficient and economical, whereas with residential doors, personalization and ease of use tend to be the most important factors.


More often than not, businesses use metals like aluminum and steel in the construction of their garage doors and gates, whereas residential doors are found in many different types of materials that suit the homeowner's tastes. Although some commercial garage doors look similar to residential sectional doors, it's no surprise that the garage doors of your neighbors and yourself lend more to curb appeal than to functionality. It is uncommon to see businesses with highly-customized decorative touches or expensive stylistic choices, as commercial doors are designed with performance, security, and affordability as top priorities. Furthermore, although some residential doors have basic insulation between panels or behind drywall, many commercial doors require high-quality insulation for thermal efficiency due to the nature of their business or products.


Residential garage doors don't have to put up with much compared to what a commercial door has to go through. Businesses often utilize large vans and trucks to transport their products, and even a small collision with one such vehicle could obliterate a residential garage door. The garage door of a business that has workers using heavy machinery and equipment needs to be able to take a beating! That's why commercial doors are made of more sturdy materials and are built to withstand a higher threshold of damage. Residential doors rarely come into contact with anything more than a relatively small, slow-moving vehicle that has backed up just a bit too far. Not only are commercial doors built to resist damage from large vehicles or equipment, they are also made to deal with fire safety, prevent burglary and trespassing, and handle extreme weather conditions. All of these factors contribute to the durability that has come to be expected with commercial doors.

Garage Door Openers

Because commercial doors can be so much larger and heavier than residential ones, the garage door openers that are used need to be able to life a lot of weight effortlessly. Although a common feature with residential door openers is silent operation, there is not such an emphasis on this issue in the workplace. Instead, commercial openers and operators come with a variety of function-driven features including protection against over-voltage, timed controls and lighting, security alarms, and sensors that can detect smoke or toxins in the air. A reliable motor and adjustable settings are greatly beneficial to a company that's needs may change over time. Many businesses also opt to install backup door operators in case the main opener breaks or malfunctions, because not being able to open and close these large doors can mean a huge loss in productivity.

Whether you have a wooden carriage garage door with hand-routed trim attached to your home, or seven galvanized steel rolling doors leading into your warehouse, one factor remains the same: Routine garage door maintenance should always be conducted by licensed professionals. In the case of residential doors, high-quality repairs and replacements means keeping your family safe and your home working as it should. For commercial doors, regular inspections and servicing means staying safe, keeping up to local codes, and ensuring that all runs smoothly within your business.

Although garage doors can vary greatly in materials, design, and use, they can all be rendered useless rather quickly if you don't do your part in keeping up with proper maintenance. Luckily, there are garage door companies available that offer professional services for both commercial and residential garage doors and openers. No matter the make or model, and no matter the repair or replacement, contacting a trusted team of garage door technicians is always the best decision for ensuring the functionality and longevity of your garage door.

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