Common Garage Door Mistakes

Garage doors are most likely the largest moving part of your home, and with constant use every time you leave or return to your home, maintenance and general upkeep are important to keeping the garage door working for you. Of course with a door that has so many parts working together, it can be easy to ignore or create misconceptions of how to best care for your garage door. You might think the worst mistake you could ever make is forgetting to open it before pulling your car out, but the real danger is not being aware that you are making any mistakes with your garage door, which can cost you extra money in repairs down the line.

  1. Never having your garage door inspected.
    Most people think of their garage as separate from their home. You aren't vacuuming the floors or dusting the counters in your garage, so why would you ever check on the needs of your garage door? Well, the biggest mistake you can make is ignoring the needs of all the parts of a garage door system. An annual inspection by a professional that knows what they are looking for can detect common problems and simple fixes before anything becomes a serious issue. With a large door and mechanical parts always moving, wear and tear is common over time, and not having a scheduled professional inspection is a mistake you cannot afford.
  2. Trying to change the springs and cables without professional experience.
    A garage door opener is a delicate system with the motor, tracks, springs, and cables all working together to lift up a large and quite heavy door. If any of these parts are not working properly, the rest of the system will not work properly either. This can cause frustrating scenarios when something as simple as replacing the spring in front of you is all you need to do. Of course changing out any springs or cables on a garage door is a big mistake if you don’t have any professional experience. These springs are held to a great amount of tension, so much so that if one breaks or snaps, serious injury will occur from the amount of force coming from the tension. It is important to let an experienced professional handle certain jobs that require working with springs and cables so as not to hurt yourself and cause greater damage to the garage door opener.
  3. Ignoring any obvious problems, like loud sounds and jerky door motions.
    Your garage door may be opening and closing, but it has begun moving in jerking motions and making loud sounds that it never had made before. The biggest mistake is to just be happy that it is still working by opening and closing when you press the button, and not resolving the new problems that seem minor. Any noticeable problems with your garage door or opener should be addressed, regardless if the door is working or not. If the track is broken, the rollers are worn down, the hinges are rusted, or any problem is occurring that is causing extra shaking or noises, this can lead to future problem. These noticeable changes can result in a number of issues, from the door no longer opening and closing, to it actually falling off the tracks and causing damage to your property. A door simply working is not an excuse to ignore the smaller problems, and this mistake can be avoided by being proactive with your garage door’s needs.
  4. Not using the recommended parts for the job.
    Many general maintenance jobs on your garage door are simple and quick to do, but making sure to use the right parts for the job is essential for a garage door to continue working properly. If you need to fix something, make sure what you have are the correct parts and materials to use. For example, never use nails to secure the tracks to the ceiling and walls, never use a lubricant to help the rollers spin easier if they need to be replaced instead, and make sure the weather tripping is secured and in one piece. Cutting corners or doing something that is not recommended by the manufacturer simply because you do not have the proper tools is a common mistake many people make, and it can cost you in the long run.

Garage door maintenance is a constant job because we constantly use our garage doors. If you are concerned with an issue and do not feel comfortable fixing it yourself, then the garage door specialists at Door Lift Xperts are happy to help. Ignoring problems and making mistakes can easily be avoided with our professional service and insight to keep your garage door working in proper order.

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