LiftMaster Opener Model T Atlanta

This industrial-duty trolley operator is a Model T and is for standard lift section doors. It features industrial ball bearings on the output shaft and a low profile.

  • A radio receiver, that has a built-in 3-channel, 315MHz receiver that accepts up to 23 Security+® or unlimited DIP switch remotes. Also features a 3-button remote that can be programmed for OPEN/CLOSE/STOP operation
  • Maintenance Alert System establishes a routine maintenance schedule based on the number of cycles or calendar date and it also includes a self-diagnostic system that allows you to troubleshoot up to eight different error codes
  • Thermal motor overload can be reset from the 3-button floor level control station
  • Timer-to-Close allows programming in 5-sec or 1-min increments. Commercial or industrial photo-eyes are required for this

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