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When deciding on a company to repair your commercial garage doors, consider the ways in which these doors differ from residential ones. Although they serve the same purpose, commercial roll-up doors are generally operated much more frequently than their residential counterparts, and they are often made with more sturdy or insulating materials. Commercial doors can even be equipped with security features such as timers and alarms.

AmeriServ is the company to call when your commercial door is exhibiting issues in performance, or has suffered damage from equipment or vehicles. From replacing springs and damaged tracks to repairing windows, panels and sensors, our experts can have the job done efficiently and professionally so that you and your crew can get back to work. We also provide useful upgrades for your commercial roll-up doors that can increase the performance or longevity of your garage door system as a whole. For example, AmeriServ technicians can find solutions for garage doors with which moisture, corrosion, or harsh weather is an issue, and we can upgrade your garage door's hardware to better handle heavy lifting.

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Our technicians know that even keeping a handle on small maintenance issues can help prevent some major problems down the road, which in turn saves you money and time. No matter the kind of commercial doors your business uses, our garage door experts can complete thorough inspections of your door to ensure that even the seals and weather stripping are in good condition, and that all vital pieces of equipment are properly lubricated. We believe that preventative maintenance is much easier to deal with than neglect that causes more severe garage door failure in the future.

From ensuring that all components of your roll-up door are fastened tightly, to checking for signs of wear and tear that signal impending failure, AmeriServ can provide all the services you need. We understand that although commercial doors often suffer obvious damage due to collisions with large vehicles, the source of your trouble could be smaller and much more difficult to solve.

When it comes to your business, don't take chances by hiring a cheap company that doesn't treat you well and leaves your door improperly serviced. AmeriServ offers high-quality commercial repairs for garage doors of every make and model, and our technicians do so in a prompt and polite manner every time. At AmeriServ, we have over ten years under our belts when it comes to excellent customer service and long-lasting repairs. As a licensed, bonded and insured garage door repair company, we know that trouble with your garage doors' performance can be a costly inconvenience, and we want to work with you to help solve your garage door problems.

Contact AmeriServ today to speak with a live team member, and be sure to ask for a free estimate. We even provide emergency commercial services and same day service for repairs that simply cannot wait. When you're looking for commercial repair, make sure you contact a company with your best interests in mind.

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