How to Make a Wine Bottle Lamp

Wine bottle lamps have been a hobby for many, and recently have grown to be exceptionally popular. With websites like Etsy and eBay filled with craftsmen and women selling their beautiful wine bottle lamps you may think this is a skilled art, but in truth it is a simple craft that anyone can do. With many different colors, designs, shapes, and accessories you can personalize the lamp you want and show off your creative side to your friends and family. Once you see what you can do with a wine bottle, you will wonder why you never thought of doing this before!

  1. Getting Started
    Getting started is simply getting organized, and the more organized you are the easier this process is going to be. First you need to obtain your desired bottle, a diamond head drill bit, an electric drill, a light kit (that includes the wire, switch, and socket), wire clippers, wire nuts, a strong adhesive, and a 15 watt light bulb. Most of this can be found at your local home improvement store, except the bottle of course, but finding a wine bottle should not be a problem. Next you can pick out a lamp shade stand and lamp shade as well as any other decoration you wish to use on your wine bottle lamp. Lastly, make sure you have safety goggles and gloves while working on this project.
  2. Drilling Holes in the Bottle
    Now that you have your needed items, it is time to begin constructing your wine bottle lamp. You will first begin by putting on the safety goggles and the gloves. It is unlikely to happen, but a glass bottle can break and you will want to protect yourself just in case. Now begin by drilling a hole on the side of the bottle right above the base. This is going to be where the wire for your electric components go into the lamp. To do this, place the bottle under running water and begin to slowly make an indentation in the glass with the diamond drill bit. The water will keep the drill bit cool, and will limit the circulation of glass dust in the air, minimizing the chance of you breathing it in. You will make this indention by holding the drill bit at an angle and moving the bit in a circle. This is because simply drilling in straight can cause the drill to move or slide up the bottle, leaving an unwanted line on the glass. Once you have the indentation, straighten the drill bit and let it pierce the glass bottle.
  3. Installing the Light Kit
    When you buy a light kit, it will be a wire with a switch and a socket for the light bulb. This would be perfect as is, but since you will need to fish this through a small hole on the top of the lamp, there will be an extra step involved. Once the hole is drilled and you are ready to fish the wire, you will need to begin by cutting the wire just below the socket, but low enough to be able to strip the wires on both ends to reconnect later. After cutting the wire, strip both sides and then fish the wire without the socket through the top of the bottle. Pull the wire out the top of the bottle and reconnect the stripped wires by twisting the exposed parts together and screwing on the wire nuts. Once the wires are connected, fish them back inside.
  4. Decorating
    The project is mostly done at this point, but if you are interested in doing any decorating inside or outside the bottle, the best time to do so would be before everything is put in place. If you wish to fill the bottle with something that will not affect the wires inside, simply plug the bottle hole as best you can without damaging the wire and fill it with whatever you like. Some ideas would include dripping paint on the inside, filling it with marbles or trinkets, or filling it with fake flower petals. Anything to weigh it down would be beneficial to your lamp and the more creative decorations you choose, the more fun you will have.
  5. Finishing Touches
    Once your lamp is decorated the way you like, it is time to attach the socket to the top of the bottle and add a lampshade. Most small light sockets will fit on top of the bottle and you simply need a strong adhesive to do the job; either a UV glue or a silicone adhesive could work. Then again, sometimes you want an extra stabilizer when it comes to your socket. You can make sure to use a light kit where the socket will go over the wine bottle spout, or secure a thick rubber ring around the top of the spout and over the socket, creating a snug fit. Securing it is important because this where the light bulb, the most breakable part of the lamp, will sit. Afterward you can attach a wired lamp shade holder and lampshade over the socket and screw in the 15 watt light bulb.

If everything is working properly, then the light will glow brightly once you plug the lamp in and flip the switch. This is just one of many other projects for creatively lightning your home, and a bit of personal research can help you explore other lighting crafts and expand your artistic capabilities!

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