Preparing Your Garage Door for Summer

Cold weather, rain, and icy conditions of the winter months can put your home through the wringer. Two parts of your home that can be affected are the garage door and the garage door opener. With the exterior of the door constantly facing the elements and the inside of your garage dealing with the winter climate every time the door opens, it may come as no surprise that you might have some maintenance work to do after the winter months. As with any spring cleaning, let us not forget the garage door and its opener lest you spend a lot more money in repairs later on.

  1. Clean It up and Grease It Down
    Garages are not known to be the cleanest of rooms in a home. When you store your car, tools, and other things that are too dirty to have lying on the carpet, garage openers, doors, and tracks can build up quite a bit of dirt and debris. Your first step is to clean up the tracks and the inside the garage door opener by removing all the excess dirt. Then, because the dirt can be damaging to all your moving parts like hinges, tracks, gears, etc. you will want to grease those down for better give.
  2. Getting Rid of Rust
    Now that the dirt and grime is gone, it is time to remove any rust that could be on the garage door. First, if you are having a rust problem, you should check and see if the weather stripping is still intact or if you have any other cracks that expose the inside of the garage to the outside elements. Once this is done, if you have a steel door you can remove the rust by sanding it down and painting a zinc primer on the spot. For other types of doors, simply replace the parts on your standard residential garage door system if that is an option.
  3. A Fresh Coat of Paint
    Most residential garage doors are made of wood and that means dry rot can become a problem if it is subjected to a high amount of moisture. This is why every year a fresh coat of paint and a water sealant applied to both sides of the door is ideal. This protects the wood from soaking in too much water and letting the wood splinter into dry rot, which then forces you to replace the whole door. Furthermore, it will help make your garage door look better longer with a new coat of paint to cover up any blemishes that may have occurred over the years.
  4. Sweating the Small Stuff
    A garage door opener and its system have many tiny pieces all working together to do one thing: move a large door up and down when you press a button. So when parts begin to wear down or tear apart, it is safe to assume that replacing these parts is vital to keeping the whole machine from breaking down. In this case looking at your rollers, springs, gears, chains, cables, and motor is incredibly important, so that you can recognize if you need a replacement. Maintaining your garage door opener parts by cleaning and greasing them is not only advised, but needed. Keeping your parts in working order is the easiest way of avoiding expensive fixes later on.
  5. Insulation
    Insulating your garage door can be the difference between what you want it to feel like in your garage and what you don’t. Cold and hot air and slip in through the cracks of your door, and if you want the space to be reasonably comfortable compared to the harsh summer heat from outside, garage door weather stripping and insulation are two things to consider.

Once it is time for a home spring cleaning, don’t forget to take care of your garage door. As the largest moving part of your home, and given how many times you use your garage door, it is probably in your best interests to give it a once-over every now and then. If you notice anything amiss or if it is not lifting and shutting as quietly as it use to, then consider a professional to give their expert opinion on the matter and have the problem fixed as soon as possible.

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